welcome 2 my site.

formally speaking, my name is rivers, but you can also just call me phi1l1y (it's pronounced 'philly') if that's your preference.

i'm a digital artist who does things and partakes in activities. pretty cool, huh? in all seriousness, though, here are some of my interests, likes, and/or passions:

--> snakes (i own one), rabbits, cats

--> electronic, rock, and rap music (but also all genres)

--> human culture and humans in general

--> my friends and making new ones :)

--> art... duh!

now for more formalties...

age: 20 (1/15/2003)

sex/gender: non-conforming

sexuality: lesbigay

favorite color: pink

other tags: femme, cub, extrovert, mullet, fagdyke

...and as for the website itself, please know it will always be some sort of work in progress. you could see that as it being a beautiful, ever-evolving niche of code strewn somewhere in the vast web of the internet, or more simply as a project started by a procrastinating and indecisive adult. either way, it's all here at your fingertips. ha...

'' is a HTML and CSS (maybe JS when i feel ballsy) project i started for one reason or another. i've been coding for some years now, so i guess it feels a little wasteful to throw away that knowledge entirely. while i enjoy coding, the art form that it is, it's a hobby that is prone to falling on the back burner. sometimes i'll be real active here, sometimes i won't touch this thing in months-- all up in the air. but that's what keeps it fresh for me!

this place also serves as a host for my art and projects. little pieces of me i can put somewhere. i admire the internet's power, but i despise social media (even though i still use it) and it's effects on us as humans, so neocities (while not as perfect as some may think) is a relatively good compromise. all in all, i hope you enjoy my site. if not, that's alright too.

by the way: if you ever want to look at my code or, hell, even take bits of it, go ahead. i'm all for people learning off me even if this site is pretty bare bones.